Meet The DANTE Team

B. Lynn Ferguson, PhD.

 Expertise: Metallurgy and Materials Technology
Thermal and Deformation Process Modeling
Powder Metal Consolidation Processes
Finite Element Analysis
Product and Process Design


Bio: Lynn Ferguson, founder and President, is a graduate of Drexel University where he earned a B.S. in Metallurgical Engineering and M.S. and Ph.D. in Materials Engineering. Previously he was employed at TRW, Inc. (1978-1982) and Republic Steel Corporation (1975-1978). His career has focused on the broad field of mechanical metallurgy, with emphasis on thermal and deformation processing effects on metals.

Over the past three decades he has been extensively involved in simulation of mechanical and thermal processes using computer-based tools such as the finite element analysis. Example applications include analysis of forging, extrusion and rolling processes; modeling of cold and hot powder metal consolidation processes; and heat treatment of ferrous and nonferrous alloys to investigate phase transformations, distortion, and residual stress.

Lynn has been active in his profession, being a working member of Cleveland Chapter of ASMI, active on national ASMI committees, an editorial review committee member for International Journal of Powder Metallurgy, and many times a participant in local and national educational seminars and short courses. He has authored or co-authored more than 70 technical papers and 1 book. He is a Fellow of ASMI, the materials engineering honorary society Alpha Sigma Mu, and the International Federation for Heat Treatment and Surface Engineering (IFHTSE).

On the personal side, he was married on St. Patrick's Day 1973 to Ethnea, and he has two grown children, Erin (grandson Oskar) and Blake (Kristen).  He and his wife enjoy weekend walks year-round in Cleveland's great MetroPark system. 

Zhichao (Charlie) Li, PhD.

Expertise: Computer Aided Process Design
Process Model Data Fitting Using Optimization Methods
Nonlinear Finite Element Analysis
Engineering Software Development


Bio: Dr. Zhichao (Charlie) Li is Vice President of DANTE Solutions. He is a graduate of Harbin Institute of Technology in Harbin, China, where he earned both Bachelor and Master Degrees in Metalforming, and Wright State University, where he earned a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering. At Harbin, Charlie worked on a wide variety of metalforming processes, including mechanical alloying of powder metals, drawing and extrusion. At Wright State, Charlie studied under Professor Ramana Grandhi and worked on forging process design software, heat treat process simulation models, and methods for optimizing heat transfer coefficients for quenching processes. Charlie also earned a MBA degree from Baldwin Wallace University.

Since joining DANTE Software in 2002, Charlie has been in charge of software development, enhancement, and support. He has developed software to determine steel phase transformation kinetics parameters for both heating and cooling from dilatometry data. These parameters are used by the phase transformation kinetics calculations embedded in the DANTE heat treat simulation software. He has also developed a utility program for determining heat transfer coefficients from thermocouple data for instrumented parts during heat treatment. Other software work includes development of a vacuum and gas carburization modules, and a utility for determining mechanical behavior parameters for DANTE’s database from controlled tension and compression tests.

Charlie is married and has a son Eddie and daughter Sophia. Both Charlie and his wife Jing became US citizens in 2013. 

Justin Sims

Expertise: Mechanical Engineering

Finite Element Analysis

Modeling of Heat Treatment Processes


Bio: Justin Sims is a graduate Mechanical Engineer from Cleveland State University. After interning at DANTE Solutions for several years, he joined as a full time employee in June, 2016. His project work includes development and execution of carburization and quench hardening simulations of steel components, analysis of heat treat racks and fixtures, and upgrading the company computers.  He has developed the DANTE HELP package for both ABAQUS and ANSYS versions of the software, and he is a primary trainer and software support person.

In his spare time, Justin enjoys biking, camping, and attending concerts.