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Heat Treatment Tool

DANTE® is the State-of-the-Art in heat treatment simulation software, promoting improved component and process design in heat treatment.

DANTE® is a set of user subroutines used in conjunction with Ansys or Abaqus finite element (FE) software that predicts in-process and final distortion, stress state, hardness, and metallurgical phase fractions in carburized, nitrided, or through-hardened steel components. User friendly interfaces have been developed for both FE software packages to aid the user in DANTE® model setup.

DANTE® couples a multiphase constitutive model directly with diffusive and martensitic phase transformation kinetics models. With DANTE®, metallurgists, process engineers, heat treaters and designers can predict the evolution and final stress state, volume fractions of metallurgical phases, part distortion, and the final hardness.

Dante FEA

DANTE® has been verified for a wide variety of complex real-life heat treatment applications. A powerful and versatile design tool, DANTE® provides valuable insight into your heat treating process.

DANTE for Ansys

DANTE for Abaqus

Link DANTE with Ansys and Abaqus Finite Element Solvers to build, solve, and post-process heat treatment models