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Case Studies

Case Study Downloads Keywords
Distortion Analysis of Landing Gear Download PDF
Download PDF
Landing gear, Distortion analysis, Oil quench, 300M, Bow distortion, and Immersion quench
Heat Treatment Process Development for Gears Using Computer Modeling Download PDF
Gear heat treatment process development, Computer modeling, Loading model, Low pressure carburization (lpc), High pressure gas quenching (hpgq), and Thermal/stress modeling
Strong Bar Competition Download PDF
Strong bar competition, HTS, Heat treat process design, Gas carburization, Salt bath, Metallographic analysis, and Hardness measurements
Axle Shaft Induction Scan Hardening Download PDF
Download PDF
Truck axle shaft, Induction scan hardening, Spray quench, Scanning inductor, Quench rate sensitivity, Stress formation, Distortion, and AISI 1541, 1040, 4140
Understanding Process Sensitivities in Press Quenching Download PDF
Press quench process sensitivities, AISI 52100 bearing ring, and Quench cracking
Using DANTE during Product Design - Correcting Bevel Gear Distortion from Heat Treat Download PDF
Bevel gear distortion, Carburization, oil quench hardening, Process change, and Induction heating
Distortion Minimization of a Press Quenched Bevel Gear - Using DANTE for Troubleshooting and Press Quench Process Design Download PDF
Press quenched bevel gear, AISI 9310, Carburization, Press quench tooling, Press quench plug design, Bevel tooth distortion, and Bore distortion
Immersion Quenching of Long Components - Using DANTE and ANSYS to evaluate the effects of simulating the immersion process for long components Download PDF
Immersion quenching, AISI 9310, Bow distortion, and Immersion rate
Low Pressure Carburization Process Improvement for a Ring Gear Controlling Carbide Formation during LPC Download PDF
Low pressure carburization (lpc), Vacuum carburization, Controlling carbide formation, Ferrium C64, LECO burn test, Carbon profile, LPC process redesign, and Primary carbide formation
Scanning Induction Hardening of Steel Coupler Download PDF
Download PDF
Scanning induction hardening, AISI 4340 steel coupler, Crack possibility, Process redesign, Preheating, and Internal stress
Case Study Downloads Keywords