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Through DANTE modeling, the blackbox of heat treatment becomes illuminated on a component-specific level by capturing the in-process evolution of microstructural phase transformations, hardness, distortion, and residual stress through our state-of-the-art materials model. This advantage of process modeling helps to provide a deeper insight into the outcomes of heat treat operations.

Those who have heard of Dante know the challenges of heat treatment engineering. Here at Dante, our goal is to help solve those challenges by illuminating the black box that is heat treatment. To solve those problems, we offer a variety of products as well as consulting services.

Technical Features

DANTE® is a unique, validated technology incorporating advanced material models, fully coupled mechanics, and highly efficient solution algorithms that will improve heat treatment modeling efficiency and accuracy for your engineering team.

Consulting Services

DANTE® has been verified for a wide variety of complex real-life heat treatment applications. A powerful and versatile design tool, DANTE® provides valuable insight into your heat treating process.

Dante FEA

The Dante FEA tool, which links with Abaqus or Ansys, can be used to simulate various heat treatment processes on complex geometries.


DANTE utilities package snippets of the same full FEA materials model into user-friendly standalone applications useful for quick material and process assessment. They can be used for process design and prediction as well as material characterization.

What's New

					Dante 6_1
- Carbon partitioning for bainite and tempered martensite phases
- Grain growth model implemented

Dante 6_0
- Changed material database to keyword format
- Increased user ability to customize, modify, and expand the material database
- Added precipitation hardening model for steel, aluminum, and nickel-based alloys

HTP Sim Utility
- Developed a standalone software used to build 1-D heat treatment models
- Includes the ability to model most thermal processes, gas carburizing, low pressure carburizing, and gas nitriding

Dante Utility UI Launch
- Launched standalone Dante utility tools with graphical user interface
- Dante utility tools include both material characterization, process design, and prediction
- Material/Process Characterization: Predicton Tools
	- TTT_Generator
	- CHT_Generator
	- Jominy_Predictor
	- DI_Predictor
- Material/Process Characterization: Fitting Tools
	- Dilot_Fit
	- Mec_Fit
	- TTT_Fit
	- HTC_Fit
- Process Design and Prediction
	- VCarb
	- Mat_Simulator
	- GCarb
	- GNitro

Dante 5_1
- Rate based austenitizing model
- Added tempered martensite volume change during tempering