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Name Of Publication PDF Date of Publication Author of Publication Tags Processes Other topics
Predicting the Heat-Treat Response of a Carburized Helical Gear Download PDF 12/01/2002 Lynn Ferguson, Andrew Freborg, Greg Petrus, and Melvin Callabresi 5120 helical gear, Modeling and simulation, and Process simulation Carburization, Salt quench, and Air cool
Assessing Heat Treatment Distortion Sensitivity Download PDF 09/17/2007 Andrew Freborg, Zhichao Li, and Lynn Ferguson Distortion sensitivity and Process sensitivity Carburization, Austenitizing, Intensive quench, Oil quench, and Deep freeze
Stress and Deformation during Induction Hardening of Tubular Products Download PDF 09/09/2012 Lynn Ferguson, Zhichao Li, Valentin Nemkov, and Robert Goldstein Thick-wall tube, AISI 4340, and Stress and deformation Induction hardening and Spray quenching
Effect of Spray Quenching Rate on Distortion and Residual Stresses during Induction Hardening of a Full-Float Truck Axle Download PDF 09/16/2013 Zhichao Li, Lynn Ferguson, Valentin Nemkov, Robert Goldstein, John Jackowski, and Greg Fett AISI 1541 Truck axle, Spray quench rate, Distortion, and Residual stress Induction hardening and Spray quenching
Process Innovation to Eliminate Cracking Problems in Large Diameter Parts with Nonuniform Wall Thickness Download PDF 09/16/2013 Zhichao Li and Lynn Ferguson Process innovation, Cracking problems, AISI 4150, and Large parts Induction hardening and Spray quench
Effect of Steel Hardenability on Stress Formation in an Induction Hardened Axle Shaft Download PDF 10/20/2015 Lynn Ferguson, Justin Sims, Charlie Li, Valentin Nemkov, Robert Goldstein, and John Jackowski Steel hardenability, Axle shaft, and Alloy chemistry effect Induction hardening, Scanning induction, and Spray quench
Understanding Process Sensitivities in Press Quenching: An Integrated Approach Download PDF 10/20/2015 Arthur Reardon, Andrew Freborg, Charlie Li, and Lynn Ferguson Process sensitivity, Quench cracking, 52100 bearing ring, and Gleason Press quenching
Induction Hardening Process with Preheat to Eliminate Cracking and Improve Quality of a Large Part with Various Wall Thickness Download PDF 04/18/2016 Zhichao Li and Lynn Ferguson Induction hardening process design, Preheat, Cracking, and 4340 thick-walled component Induction hardening
Press Quench Process Design for a Bevel Gear using Computer Modeling Download PDF 04/18/2016 Zhichao Li, Andrew Freborg, and Lynn Ferguson Press quench process design, 9310 Bevel gear, Die tooling, and Distortion control Press quenching
Using Heat Treat Simulation to Characterize Sensitivity of Quench Hardening Response in Hot Mill Steel Work Rolls Download PDF 04/18/2016 Andrew Freborg, Zhichao Li, and Lynn Ferguson Work Roll, Steel Mill Rolling, Sensitivity Analysis, and Quench Hardening Flash Heating and Water Quench
Name Of Publication PDF Date of Publication Author of Publication Tags Processes Other topics