DANTE Solutions Announces a New 

Distributor Agreement with 


15 August 2018 

DANTE Solutions, Inc., a leader in simulation of steel heat treatment processes, has signed a distributor agreement with SMARTTECH to support sales of their DANTE software in Brazil.  The DANTE software is used to predict dimensional change, distortion, residual and in-process stresses, hardness, and phase evolution in heat treated steel parts, including processes such as carburization and quench hardening, low pressure carburization and high pressure gas quenching, and induction hardening. The software links with the finite element solver Simulia, and SMARTTECH is both a distributor and user of Simulia. SMARTTECH, headquartered in the city of Holambra, 135 km North of São Paulo, was founded in 1997 and sells and supports a range of CAE software and hardware tools,

including leading engineering simulation software such as Simulia and Autodesk. The SMARTTECH team has expertise in industry specific applications and has successfully implemented engineering tools and provided services for hundreds of companies in the energy, automotive, agricultural machinery, consumer goods and industrial equipment markets, with disciplines covering Durability, Noise and Vibration, Structural Analysis and Multibody Systems. 

“We at DANTE Solutions are excited to welcome SMARTTECH as our representative in Brazil. The collaboration of our companies will enable the reach of our technology into the growing markets of Brazil.”

SMARTTECH is very pleased to promote and support DANTE Solutions products in Brazil, “I am sure that the possibility of simulating the heat treatment process will be of great value to local companies that are seeking for more dimensional stability, meaning more quality and durability to their products” , says Sergio Rodrigues, SMARTTECH´s Vice President. 

For more information on SMARTTECH, please visit their website.


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