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Understanding Heat Treatment from A Different Perspective: Demystify the Heat Treatment of Steels

The heat treatment of steel is arguably the most important step of getting raw steel to a finished product. For the longest time, heat treatment was considered a black box; we know what goes in and we know what comes out, but what happens in between is a complete mystery. As a team member of DANTE, you will be able to understand the heat treating process from the metal's point of view with the DANTE software. This unique perspective will allow new and exciting ideas to percolate to the surface, with a chance to forever change the heat treating industry.

DANTE Solutions provides its DANTE software to the heat treating industry, but we are much more than a "software company". While it's true we keep updating the DANTE software with improved models, DANTE Solutions is also involved in local and national engineering organizations, R&D projects, process improvement, and so much more.

Mission Statement

DANTE Solutions is determined to promote the use of simulation in the heat treat industry. From design to troubleshooting, DANTE Solutions believes everyone can benefit from a little simulation in their life.

Core Values

DANTE Solutions believes in furthering the knowledge of its employees through formal education, self learning, and lively debates. No idea is taken for granted, encouraging employees to speak their minds and challenge one another.


DANTE Solutions provides a comprehensive benefits package.

Team Driven

Want to be involved in every aspect of a company? Tired of not knowing the "big picture"? DANTE Solutions' employees are a tight knit team in which each member is aware of every project and decision. This keeps everyday new and exciting! From sales to support, marketing to project management, IT to software training, each day is a new adventure and a new responsibility.