Case Studies

 Case Study 1




Scanning induction hardening process Truck Axle made of AISI 1540 is modeled. Process needs to be improved to reduce distortion and obtain favorable residual stresses. Power Distribution modeled by Flux is mapped and imported into DANTE. One single tooth sector is modeled with cyclic symmetric boundary condition.


Case Study 2




Landing gear made of AISI 300M experiences large distortion during oil quench due to its size and complex geometry. 
Quenching process needs to be improved to reduce distortion and satisfy strength requirement.

Case Study 3




In-process tensile stress in an induction hardened 4130/10B37 welded tube shaft was investigated. Thermal and transformation stresses during heat treatment were examined to determine source of bond line cracking and potential remedies. 


Case Study 4

Bending fatigue performance of a carburized Pyrowear53 gear is investigated using DANTE to characterize the internal residual stress resulting from various quenching practices.


Case Study 5





Using DANTE modeling to desin and optimize the heat treatment process of large milling rolls for improved fatigue performance and reducing cracking possibility.


Case Study 6





Induction hardening of crank shaft component has cracking possibility at the oil hole location of the journals. DANTE modeling is used to model the process and obtain in-depth understading the reason of high in-process stresses. The quench delay time is optimized to reduce the magnitude of in-process tensile stresses.


Case Study 7





Scanning induction hardening process of a 4130 coupler bore results in cracking. DANTE modeling is used to explore process sensitivities and resolve the cracking issue by realizing the benifits of a low temperature preheat prior to the scanning induction hardening process.